The Historical Tavern Tour

Local History - Local Bars - Local Beer

Join us as we take you around to 3 bars in historical buildings throughout the city.  We'll start in a bar built into the basement of a de-consecrated cathedral from the 1800's, we'll then move on to a tavern that's 20 year's older than Canada, and finish at a museum built into the oldest building in Ottawa that serves its own local craft beer.

At each stop we'll recommend some amazing local craft beers for purchase, and we'll buy you a drink at the last stop!  You'll be able to sample the locals flavours and meet other guests while our guides dazzle you with colourful stories from Ottawa's surprisingly sordid past.  Lumberjack gang violence? Check. Drunk and debaucherous Prime Ministers? Check. Hollywood bank robbers?  Check!

Strictly 19+

Where: Brigid's Well, 310 St Patrick St, Ottawa, ON (map)
When: Thursdays @ 6:30pm in July & August (full schedule)
Length: ~2.5 hours
Cost: $6.50/person (Tour includes a free drink. Guide will ask for tips at the end of tour)